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Penile Elongation

Penile Elongation

Penile elongation is the procedure that allows to extend external part of the penis (pendular part) by detaching it from the pubic bones and pulling penis partially out from the body. Penis usually is growing till end of puberty 17-18 years of age. After this time penis is completely formed and its length is constant till death. Between ½ to 2/3 of the penis is inside in the body and this depend from development during gestation time and also from body habitués. 10 kg over weight decrease length of the penis of 1 cm.

Penis elongation is not innocent procedure and can be complicated by many ways. The worst is infection. It can damage whole work done by the surgeon and can have devastating sequel on the penis with decrease size of the penis, agley scare formation, impotency or gangrene of the penis. It happened rarely due to good antibiotic cover, good antiseptic preparation before operation as well as less traumatic surgical technique.

Bleeding is also possible complication and it can be perfuse acute or chronic. It can cause pain, swelling, blue color of the genitalia in rare cases patient can be transfused.Other complication then can occur is lost of the proper abdomino-penila angle during erection. It means that erected penis is pointing strait or downwards not like normal upwards.

Impotency can occur in some cases especially in man with weak erection before operation. It can usually be managed with great success.

Finally- partial success is also some kind of complication. Patient dissatisfaction from the elongation happens in 10 to 15% of cases. Each and every case should be discussed with the doctor extensively and decision about elongation must be taken wisely.

What patient should expect?

Elongation of the penis between 3-5cm in flaccid status

To maintain the result, the patient should use a vacuum pump for three months post operatively. Such a pump allows to stabilize scare tissue and makes elongation permanent.

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